One of the major issues most people have with plumbing is blocked pipes. Many times we can resolve these problems quickly and get your plumbing working like new. Even with new homes, there can be issues with potentially blocked pipes. Many construction workers will flush just about anything down the drains which, of course, causes issues in the future.


Another common problem we see in the Bonita, Chula Vista and Eastlake areas, is the need to re-pipe homes.  Most of the plumbing materials used when the homes were first built was of very cheap quality and is now causing issues for many homeowners living in these areas. Re-piping is very labor intensive and the materials necessary to do the repair can be costly. If you are in this situation, don't despair. We offer several discounts that make these repairs affordable.  Be sure to compare our rates to those large-overhead, plumbing companies.


Water leaks are always an issue for older homes. Many times our plumbing service can get them repaired in a quick and efficient manner. We respond quickly so that the damage will be minimal, in most cases. Usually the leak can be repaired and resealed in a couple hours.


One Time Plumbing also specializes in tankless water heaters. We are one of the few plumbing companies in San Diego that is officially certified by the manufacturers. This means we have the experience and training to expertly install a tankless water heater, and we come recommended by the manufacturers.